Top RPG Character Creator Games for PS4, Xbox One

So you’re not getting your hands on the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. That’s OK, you didn’t really want to drop hundreds on one anyway, particularly when you’ve got a perfectly good PS4 or Xbox One to play your RPG games on. While the PS5 and new Xbox are going to bring serious visual upgrades to your favourite RPGs and the character-creation elements that are offered within, this visual sharpening to which the latest technology will surely give rise is by no means the quintessential element that will make or break your favourite RPG games. It is for this reason that this very page is the place to find what should be considered some of the best RPG character creation games for PS4 and Xbox One.

Here you will find a myriad of character creation titles with a focus on RPG that ranges from being its central element to games that push the very boundaries of what it means to be an RPG in the first place.  Yes, it is sad that Demon Souls doesn’t look like it’s going to drop until Covid-19 is a flickering, distant memory in the tumultuous storm that is the just-begun 2020s. Boo. Hoo. The fact that we have titles ranging from the sporting highs of Madden 21 to the utterly unique customisation features of Cyberpunk 2077, to the depths of character-creation potential that is Divinity: Original Sin.

Cyberpunk 2077

Customisation Level: Unreasonably Extensive

If this game isn’t near the top of anyone’s list of top RPGs, top First-Person Shooters, and top Character Creators, then you could safely assume that they have no clue what they’re talking about when it comes to gaming, or even life in general. Cyberpunk 2077 epitomises all that is great about character creation and customisation in gaming: it is unreasonably comprehensive in its offering of customisation potential, as well as being the embodiment of how customisation and character creation should be integrated into the very gameplay itself.

Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 is first and foremost a first-person shooter, but its depth and breadth of storyline, the levels/areas you explore, and character development/involvement is second to none and puts the majority of dedicated, self-labelled RPG games to shame. Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to customise V, the titular character from head to toe, altering his body type, clothing, hair colour, even down to his voice for crying out loud.

However, character appearance is the least that Cyberpunk 2077 can do. Its character-creator customisation goes so deep that you even begin by setting the main character off on his life path by choosing one of three character classes, which then determines the different attributes and stats your player will have as the game develops. The customisation of character is so deep here, there’s even a slider for penis and/or breast size. If you don’t think this goes far enough, then you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

Saints Row the Third Remastered

Saints Row Character Creator
Choose Your Look: Saints Row Character Customisation

Customisation Level: Reasonably Extensive

Saints Row is notorious for its epic and open sandbox world, putting you in charge of charging forward with a campaign that’s got relatively few rivals to compete with its depth of adventure. Saints Row the Third is another refreshing take on the genre, allowing the player to assume the antagonist role, controlling a crime syndicate with your crew being rather customisable to boot. This time in Saints Row the Third Remastered, you’re in the city of Steelport and engaged in some hectic gang warfare.

Highly reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto in style, this remastered version also offers the ability to effectively create the look and feel of your character. Following the first mission of the game, you can customise your character’s bodies, their clothes, and also their vehicles. The various body and appearance options range from the basics like sex, race, and build, and range to skin, body mask, age, and even sex appeal.  While the customisation itself is highly granular, offering a multitude of options and various sliders to tweak your character’s uniqueness to the nearest millimetre, the options don’t quite run as deep as say, Cyberpunk 2077, nor do they impact upon the ongoing experience in such a deep way.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Customisation Level: Highly Extensive

If the character creator options of Saints Row sound somewhat too shallow for your taste, you could consider Mass Effect: Andromeda may be just the treat you’re looking for. An action-packed RPG through and through, this iteration has you control one of two characters, engaging in a third-person adventure where the character creator and customisation options run much deeper than, well, skin deep.

Mass Effect: Andromeda marks a departure from the previous versions of the game, with this departure being indicative of just how tweaked and bespoke you can make your character. It begins with customising your gender and appearance, with some handy presets available if you want some inspiration, or you can go completely unique and go full tabula rasa if you fancy. Most facial features have 20+ options including width, height, depth, and thickness of various features in the face.

Where it gets truly interesting for the RPG fan who enjoys their customisation being woven into the fabric of the game’s development, is the ability to choose your character’s training that they go on to receive in the Milky Way in events portrayed to have taken place prior to the Andromeda Initiative. Training types are varied: Security, Biotic, Technician, Leader, Scrapper, and Operative. Each of these choices imbues your character with certain characteristics and allows you to develop certain skills earlier on such as those of a solider or engineer, among others. The security, for example, allows you to start with a concussive shot power, and you eventually unlock a Turbocharge boost to weapon fire rate and increased fitness (the ability to carry more weapons.

Your customisation options run very deep here and are woven seamlessly into the outcomes of your character and the various skills they will go on to acquire.

Madden 21

Madden 2k21 Customisation
SWAG Galore in Madden 2k21

Customisation Level: Impressive/SWAG Galore

Madden 21 is really the ultimate PS4 game to turn to for your American-football sporting needs. It’s really the most comprehensive American Football game in existence, allowing you to assume the role of playing as a multitude of official teams and players.

Madden 21 goes further than most sports games, though. Its QB1 mode, which has moved on even further from the equivalent mode in Madden 20, allows you to effectively enter into what can only be described as sports-RPG scenario whereby you create and customise the appearance and path of your QB1 character, guiding him through early days of the college try-outs/drafts and all the way to high-stats perfection in the NFL and beyond.

Look out for The Yard as a mode here in Madden 21. This is a mode that allows you to build a team of 6 players, with you at the heart of the team. You can go 6 v 6 in this mode against other teams, and you can customise your player as well as your players’ inventories. This means you can earn and purchase all the latest clothing and gear for your player. You can even share the inventory across platforms and have a seamless experience when it comes to porting to Madden 21 mobile, too.

Bless Unleashed

Customisation Level: Visually Incredible

Bless Unleashed is a notable MMO RPG game developed by Round 8 Studios. Based on the Unreal 4 Engine, this is a game that has a huge world to explore, with this world being a persistent one that can be enjoyed in a multiplayer fashion by all players. This is a true good vs evil, monsters vs heroes sort of experience. We’re talking full-on fantasy with suspension of disbelief has an absolute must when you embark upon the journey. It’s next-gen graphics too, giving it a substantially polished feel and giving the action that much more weight on the screen.

Bless Unleashed also offers some laudable character creation and customisation features, too, the details of which you can find on the How Does Character Customisation Work page on the official site. MMO RPG fans will be in familiar territory with the game’s class system, allowing you to choose between 5 classes, each of which possessing certain features, advantages, and differences over the other 4 options. You’ve got Crusader, Berserker, Ranger, Mage, and Priest to choose from.

Furthermore, you have face and body customisation options for your character, and they are also quite extensive. What is striking here are the graphics, too, with this game perhaps offering some of the most realistic-looking facial expressions and features of any current-gen game (which is sort of ironic given the deep fantasy elements on which this game is based).