Top Realistic Character Creator Games for PS4 and PC

Cyberpunk Graphics

There’s a certain irony at play when it comes to Character Creator Games. After all, escapism is one of the main reasons why many play video games in the first place. It seems that The Sims changed this, however, as peoples’ escapism was to.. wait… recreate a realistic-looking family and watch them live their lives/slowly starve to death after being built into an inescapable swimming pool? Huh..

Character Creation is another example of art imitating life in this way, too. Many character creators exist within the fantasy/MMO RPG world, allowing players to (more irony here) to both make their avatars as outrageously fantastical or as realistic as possible.

It is the latter we’re focusing on today, as there are some PS4 and PC games with character creators that are simply levels above the rest. Here’s a lovely little look at the most realistic PS4 and PC games with the most realistic character creators available to date.

Cyberpunk 2077

If you ever thought that you could get away with customisation your character’s package size or your female character’s breast dimensions, then you’d get along very well with Cyberpunk 2077’s developers. Let’s forget for a moment that this game has a host of details such as the ability to choose your character’s voice, the inclusion of Keanu Reeves’ voice, and even Keanu’s cars – this is a seriously amazing RPG first-person shooter that blows all other games of its ilk out of the metaphorical water.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been lauded for being a beacon of representation when it comes to its character creator and customisation options. Your ability to select your gender and then go deeper than you ever thought possible in a first-person shooter game’s customisation interface, allows you to come up with virtually any kind of person you wish to play as. You select everything from your player’s voice to their character class (which determines their abilities and advantages during the game), right through to backgrounds, weapons trees, and all facets of their appearance.

Whatever combination of features and tweaks you choose to apply to your character, the game’s graphics engine is pure class, rendering your character’s particular features and nuances in astounding detail to the extent that you may find yourself doing a double-take to check whether you’re actually looking at a real-life movie.

Fallout 76 / Fallout 76: Wastelanders

Customisation Options Falling Out Errywhere

2020’s Fallout offering comes in the form of Fallout 76. What you’ve got in the fallout series is one of the most prolific action RPG sagas known to the gaming world. Though some of the games have been subject to some mixed reviews, Fallout 76’s iterations nonetheless offer the player some impressive customisation options with an intuitive interface to boot.

Fallout 76 lets you do the usual character-creation dance, offering up the ability to select from several presets. However, the game gives you more leeway than this, since from the presets you must then sculpt in detail the details of your avatar, essentially giving you free reign to get as realistic as you want with your designs.

The various skin textures and other facial features here are commendable, too. You can make a clean-shaven character with near-perfect skin, through to a bearded, rough-skinned male or females from pale to dark. It really doesn’t matter as you’re in control here, from the big things like hair colour, all the way down to the details such as freckles, scars, and blemishes. It’s the realism that keeps many coming back to Fallout, and Wastelanders’ appeal is that it also lets you customise your allies, too.

Saints Row The Third Remastered

Saints Row Character Customisation
Sain’ts Row Customisation Detail: Jowl Depth?!?

The original Saints Row The Third was a great gaming experience that put on the player’s plate a host of options when it comes to character customisation. The Saints Row world is a seething, seedy, gritty kind of place without much in the way of redemption when it comes to the illegal exploits within, but the character creation element of Saints Row the Third Remastered is where you get to imprint your own levels of smut and grit on the action, or indeed create a cleaner-cut character to be marred by the misty underworld of violent crime instead.

The remastered version features a whole host of visual upgrades, the most notable of which are the improved and more detailed textures for the character’s skins. All of the aspects of your avatar you’re able to customise to your heart’s content, of course, with a whole host of sliders to customise the looks. The textures and skins in general are of such quality that the realism here is quite pronounced. There are limitations, though, including the fact you cannot import custom characters and you can only save a character if you have an internet connection.

Bless Unleashed

Though Bless Unleashed is undoubtedly a prime example of unashamed fantasy woven through with excellent combat mechanics and an open- world setting, the fantasy elements are almost balanced out by just how detailed and realistic you can make your characters.

You can customise your character from the game’s outset, and that’s after choosing certain gameplay-shaping variables such as your character class and race. The customisation tools offer a considerable amount of flexibility when it comes to moulding the larger and tweaking the finer points of your character’s appearance. Edit the options on the left while you see your changes being applied to your characters on the right. The graphics in the game are extremely detailed, and therefore you’ll be creating characters that, given the right features, look highly realistic in their appearance, even moving with a level of realism that few other MMO RPG games can muster.

Black Desert Online

If there is a game out there that epitomises the perfect character-creation experience whose customisation goes so deep that it is weaved into the very fabric of the gaming experience, then it is Black Desert Online. What this game offers in terms of granularity and depth of customisation is nothing short of dumbfounding, allowing the player to customise various aspects of the character’s power and item mechanics, as well as offering the opportunity for players to use the game’s unbelievably powerful character creation and customisation interface to change the appearance of every single fathomable physical point on the avatar’s body.

This game’s character creation and customisation features are – to put it mildly – advanced in nature. You may think that being a fantasy game such as this would preclude it from its very inclusion in a list of most realistic character creator games. This would be true of most games, but the scope of the character creator as well as its unique three-dimensial, coordinate-based system propels this right into “realistic” territory. This is because it allows you to be as wild or as realistic as you want, depending on your ambition and indeed your skill.

The main difference between Black Desert Online and Fallout 4 is that the latter includes the ability to create an avatar from scratch. Don’t let this fool you, though. Black Desert Online may restrict you to a comparatively limited selection of presets, but the modelling system lets you change the dimensions, shape, and virtually every aspect of the physical form of your avatar. The result? Avatars as realistic (or ridiculous) as you could possibly hope for in any game that exists. Ever.