Best Character Creator Software


You may think you’ve gone deep on character creation if you’ve experience games of the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, or have sunk many hours into the depths of Black Desert Online. When it comes to real character creation – that is, creating and editing characters from scratch divorced from any RPG or action-gaming purpose to follow – then most of even the very, very best character creator games are just the tip of the iceberg. Real character-creation buffs that find any character creators within games too shallow or brief for their liking, are best to seek dedicated character and/or person-making software.

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3D Blockchain Character Creator Games

If you think that technological developments over the last  decade or so have catapulted character creator games to ever-dizzying heights, you would pretty much be spitting facts and could not be argued with. From the most basic of RPG Character-creator seedlings back in the day, 2020 now has games like Cyberpunk 2077 where you can choose your character’s voice and customise to the content-est of hearts (provided that heart wants to be able to do things as detailed as increase your avatar’s breast and/or package size). Surely it just doesn’t get any better, right?

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Top Realistic Character Creator Games for PS4 and PC

Cyberpunk Graphics

There’s a certain irony at play when it comes to Character Creator Games. After all, escapism is one of the main reasons why many play video games in the first place. It seems that The Sims changed this, however, as peoples’ escapism was to.. wait… recreate a realistic-looking family and watch them live their lives/slowly starve to death after being built into an inescapable swimming pool? Huh..

Character Creation is another example of art imitating life in this way, too. Many character creators exist within the fantasy/MMO RPG world, allowing players to (more irony here) to both make their avatars as outrageously fantastical or as realistic as possible.

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