Create a Super Hero Online

Superhero Maker

Get creative with the characteristics of your very own heroic imagining in this official Marvel creator game

Your Hero, Your Way

Superheroes are perhaps among the most frequently fictionalised and widely portrayed fictional characters in storytelling. The Batman story started with Michael Keaton and continues to this very way with The Dark Knight trilogy, Spiderman has had a long run in both comics, films, and videogames, and the superman ‘S’ logo is probably the most universally recognisable symbols on the planet today. Depicting superheroes in comics, film, and video games is all well and good but what if as a consumer of the superhero concept you want more than superheroes that already exist. Perhaps The Silver Surfer simply isn’t cutting it for you anymore and you want a hero that is more personal to you to exist at your behest. Such an opportunity exists in these fantastic super hero creation games from Marvel. Now you get to have the comic book hero designed according to your very own whims and desires, leaving the pre-existing heroes of the Marvel universe in the past and marvelling in your very own creation that looks exactly how you want him/her to look.

Make Your Own Superhero (Desktop) Make a Superhero (Android)

Applying Creativity

After choosing the body type of your hero between athletic, highly muscular, or athletic female, you proceed to the main screen of heroic hero creativity where all of the action happens at the click of your mouse. Your first customisation should be to give your superhero a name, which appears in very impressive, stylised characters at the top of the ‘prototype data’ menu. A graphical representation of your character stands on the right hand side of the screen and looks a little amorphous at first since it is a blank canvas simply waiting for your creativity to be applied to it, and apply you shall: all of the customisations are waiting for you in the menus on the left-hand side, and this game has more than some others like the comparatively primitive Pony Creator.


There is a huge array of different styles and preset parts awaiting you in the menus. You have the option of choosing from the hero packs, which contain garments and properties of various existing heroes such as Spiderman and Elektra for you to use to get the process started, or in case you’re really into some of the individual features of heroes that are already in existence. From here, you can edit pretty much everything that you could hope to have control over including skin types, upper and lower body, head, and various accessories as well with the latter including logos, neckwear, glasses, and tails, and a load of other disguises that act as the thinnest of veils to cover up their secret identity.

It’s Up To you

The design of this superhero creator is professional and simple, giving you all of the tools that are required to do the job and nothing more; the graphical representations of your character are the perfect size and are extremely detailed to show off all of the features you have chosen to give your particular hero. The combinations of attributes to give to your hero are almost endless, and you can even send your hero to a friend, save it, download it, or print it directly from the main menu. The days of having our superheroes chosen for us are in the past: it’s time for some homemade heroes to enter the world and save it, and this game is the first step.