Berzerk Ball 3 Game

Berzerk Ball 3 Game has not yet been developed, so why not read about some of our ideas for the sequel, or play one of our other Create a Character Online below:

Berzerk Ball 3 – Ideas for some improvements to a sequel that the genre simply can’t live without


What kind of ball do you usually enjoy? Is it the insane kind? How about stark raving mad being a property of the aforementioned and mysterious ball which I am speaking in reference to? I think I’ll stick with bonkers as an adjective: it has more of a ring to it, don’t you think? Berzerk Studio may just have something up their sleeve to change the minds of both you and I, however, and this little something is Berzerk Ball 2. Before playing, it was more than happy for my ball to be simply bonkers and think nothing more of it, but the distance-based, geek-smashing, collecting cashing, weapons re-hashing ridiculousness of the game made me realise that I simply wasn’t satisfied with just ‘bonkers’. The customising and pulverising of your geeky target with a huge range of weapons and items wielded by a team of six geek-hating madmen and women is exactly why berzerk is the only adjective that you will ever need in all of your future references to balls, singular or plural, and in the past, present, and future tenses. I’d like to focus on the future tense here however, with some ideas and thoughts on improvements and additions for a prospective Berzerk Ball 3.

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Character Flaw

Alright, so there weren’t any flaws with any of the characters in the Berzerk Ball 2 exactly (perhaps with their names; they were pretty dire), but with a new game comes a new dawn, and with a new dawn should come some fresh team members for wielding weapons. Perhaps we could see a mixture of old and new characters with different additions to innate attributes to make the game more interesting. There should be a bonus character or two to unlock for fulfilling certain criteria as well such as reaching a certain distance or reaching a particular altitude, with this bonus character being more powerful than the regular characters and possessing boosts to multiple innate abilities like strength and stamina, or different combinations of them as opposed to just the +5 on one particular attribute that the regular characters have to offer.

Geek Chic

There’s nothing chic about being geek in the real world: it’s simply pathetic and those trying to style themselves as such when they are clearly not as such should simply give up and stop breathing in whichever order they please. Our geek in Berzerk Ball 2, however, was fully customisable but didn’t really possess any particularly special properties according to your customisation choices, which is a situation I’d like to see remedied in Berzerk Ball 3. I propose that your choice of geek should have an effect on his characteristics; his appearance/size/accessories should give him certain attributes that make him more or less apt at travelling long distances. It’s simply a case of having a system like with the team members, who each bring something to the stats table whether it be strength, stamina, or luck. The geeks in Berzerk Ball 3 should also add or subtract from certain attributes depending on their characteristics: fat geeks should travel less distance but more reward should be received for doing so, thin (as if) geeks would travel further, and greasy geeks (are there any other kind) should also travel much, much further.

Weapons Drive

The choice of weapons in Berzerk Ball 2? Epic is the only word, but the selection did get a little tiresome after a few hours of gameplay, so we’ll need to see some brand new weapons in the next game with some equally ridiculous names.

It’s a Grind

The only true flaw with Berzerk Ball 2 was the difficulty of getting to the stage where you are levelled up enough to make your geek travel a distance that is anywhere near respectable, resulting in some pretty monotonous grinding for enough in-game currency and experience points before you could truly make a dent in the distance and travel to different zones. There should be less grinding in the initial stages in Berzerk Ball 3 since new players could be serious put off by this potential flaw.