Anime Avatar Creator Game

Anime Avatar Creator – Swap and switch a variety of features with your very own anima avatar

In Your Hands

Creativity is an intrinsic property that lays deep within the human psyche. Many will only tap into a fraction of their potential creative talents within their lifetime because it is simply never called upon, whereas others discover their passion for artistic creation and nurture in into a career that allows them to become extremely prosperous. Whatever your level of creativity may be, let Anime Avatar Creator stoke the white hot embers of imagination that may have been burning all of your life. You may have been party to a few sessions of superhero creation in Marvel’s Create Your Own Superhero or you may have even indulged in moulding your very own geek in Berzerk Ball 2, but Anime Avatar Creator gives you a taste of the genre by allowing you to create and edit your very own anime character with the reigns of customisation being in your hands.

Standard Procedure

Anime Avatar Creator’s interface is as you would expect from such a game of user-controlled creation, with main and only screen sporting all of the tools for your creativity in one simple location. The game starts you off with a fairly blank canvas in the form of a pretty generic-looking girl of the anime persuasion from which point it is up to you to edit her appearance. You simply have to click on each of the different features with your mouse in order to implement their presence on the character, with the option of also swapping out the colours from a varied selection of them in the top-left corner of the screen.

Swap Shot

The range of customisation options is comparatively varied, with two different sections for hairstyles alone and other features like eyes, mouth shape, eyebrows, facial hair, and skin tone being up to you as well. A range of unusual accessories also accompanies the standard choices, with a selection of hats (Mario’s one is in there somewhere), whiskers ,tops, glasses, and even a monocle. Though the interface is fairly basic, you have everything that you need in order to swap out your avatar’s features with ones that tickle your fancy. In addition to picking the individual features, you can also change the colour of each of the individual pieces of decorative splendour as well, so the combinations involved here are pretty staggering.

A Solid Effort

In all honesty, this game isn’t going to offer you anything revolutionary. The format is standard for such creation games, and the choices are about as varied as you would expect from such a simple title. Those who are a fan of the anime style will of course enjoy this little exercise in niche-genre customisation, but are unlikely to be bowled over by the lack of additional features or anything to make it stand out from the crowd. It’s clear that the game isn’t breaking down any boundaries in terms of the genre it’s in, but it’s got considerably more polish than the relatively amateur-looking Anime Character Maker 2 and is more pleasing to the eye. This game should kill a few minutes of your time, and allow you to save your creation to your hard drive as well.




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